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Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science held today, Tuesday the 6th of December, a symposium on "Egyptian Politics and the Blue Economy", in cooperation with the Egyptian Maritime Salon, in the Grand Conference Hall at the faculty's headquarters.
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Among the participants in the symposium were Lieutenant General Mohab Mameesh, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Ports and the Suez Canal Axis, Dr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, Professor of Logistics and Advisor to the President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Dr. Ashraf El-Ghandour, Vice President of Alexandria University for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Wahban, Dean of the Faculty Economic Studies & Political Science, His Excellency Ambassador Mazeed Al-Hoshian, Consul General of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, His Grace Bishop Ibram Emile, the Deputy of the Patriarchate in Alexandria, as well as members of the Egyptian Parliament, in addition to many former naval commanders, thinkers and members of the Egyptian Naval Salon, representatives of the Alexandrian civil society, faculty members and students.
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During the symposium moderated by Dr. Mamdouh Mansour, Head of the Department of Political Science at the Faculty, Lieutenant General Mohab Mameesh, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Ports and the Suez Canal Axis, stressed the importance of the Suez Canal in the global trade movement, as it is the most important waterway to connect the East with Europe. He gave an account of the history of the Suez Canal and the most important international crises and conflicts that it passed through, and he also talked about the modern development projects that have been achieved in recent years under the directives of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, which were represented in the expansion and duplication of the canal, as well as projects to develop the economic zone adjacent to it, and projects to modernize and develop Egyptian seaports and raise the efficiency of the maritime transport sector.
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In his speech, Dr. Ashraf El-Ghandour conveyed to the guests of the meeting the greetings of Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, expressing his pleasure to participate in this scientific symposium, which sheds light on the most important development projects in the field of maritime transport and the blue economy, through the sustainable use and preservation of water resources, which are oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, with the aim of directing economic growth, improving livelihoods and creating job opportunities, while ensuring respect for the environment, cultural values and biodiversity.
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Dr. Ahmed Wahban, Dean of the Faculty, also pointed out the importance of the topic of the symposium in opening new horizons of knowledge for the students and researchers of the Faculty in relation to the field of the blue economy, which is concerned with good management of water resources, dependence on the seas and oceans for sustainable development, eradicating poverty and achieving self-sufficiency in food.
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While Dr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, Advisor to the President of the Arab Academy for Maritime Transport, referred to the emergence and development of the concept of the blue economy, and the role of the maritime transport sector in economic development and the global economy. He also reviewed many development projects that took place in Egypt and the Arab countries, especially the Arabian Gulf and Southeast Asia in the field of marine transport.
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