Health and Community Field

Project Name DNA plasma as biological sign for monitoring the environmental stress and early detection of cancer
Main Researcher Gihan Hosney Abu Elfetoh
Position Professor
Department Environmental Studies
Faculty / Institute Instituteof Graduate Studies and Research
Funders Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
Beneficiaries Alexandria University, Institute ofGraduate Studies and Research, Facultyof Medicine and the community
Project Name Bacterial strainsselection and development for cheese production
Main Researcher Prof. Dr. Morsi El Souda
Position ProfessorEmeritus at Department of Dairy Science and Technology
Department Dairy Science and Technology
Faculty / Institute Agriculture
Funders CHr. Hansen - Denmark
  • Food Industries Room
  • Mifad Company

Project Name
Using molecular genetic for early detection of chest cancer in females
Main Researcher Prof. Dr. Mirvat Mustafa Hashish
Position Professor
Department Human Genetics
Faculty Medical Research Institute

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

Strategic Programs of Genetic Engineering

Environmental  Impact Early detection for chest cancer in females
Beneficiaries Ministry of Health and Population Laboratories
Project Name

Training of residential doctors and assistant lecturers on using Misoprostol to cause an abortion after the trimester of pregnancy

Main Researcher Prof. Dr. Emad Abdel Moneam Darwish

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Manager of Alexandria University Hospitals

Department Obstetrics and Gynecology
Faculty / Institute Medicine
Funders Genuity for Medical Researches

Primary medical care centers

Obstetrics hospitals of the university and Ministry of Health

Project Name
Reaction against treatment interventions
Main Researcher Prof. Dr. Sherin Nabil Khattab
Position ProfessorAssistantat Departmentof Chemistry
Department Chemistry
Faculty / Institute Science

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation

Ministry of Scientific Research

Environmental Impact Preparation of biologically active Peptides
  • Universities:

University of Barcelona

Facultyof Pharmacy-Alexandria University

BarcelonaScience Park

  • Chemicals companies:

Sigma Aldrich, Merck

  • Pharmaceuticals:

Mobaco Egypt, Pharco

Agriculture and Environment Development Field

Project Name Upgrading portable unit for feeding manufacturing using agricultural wastes
Main Researcher Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mosaad Zain Eldin
Position Professor
Department Agricultural Engineering
Faculty / Institute Agriculture
Funders Academy of Scientific Reasrch and Technology
Environmental  Impact This study contributes to disposal of a large quantity of agricultural wastes

Ministry ofAgricultureand Land Reclamation

AgricultureDirectorate in El Behira.

Environmental Studies Field

Project Name Epidemiological study on abortion infection in farm animals and human in the north coast
Main Researcher Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Akila
Position Professor
Department Microbiology
Faculty / Institute MedicineVeterinary
Funders Regional Councils for Researches and Guidance in the Ministry of Agriculture

- FacultyVeterinary Medicine

- Directorate of Veterinary Medicine

 - Ministry of Agricultureand Land Reclamation

Industrial Field

Project Name Recycling of plastic bottles
Main Researcher Prof. Dr. Sherief Hussien Kandil
Position Professor
Department Material Science
Faculty / Institute Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Funders Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy
Beneficiaries All companies interested in polymerized materials production