Computer labs:

1. Outpatient clinics: 4 labs

2. New teaching hospital:  1 laboratory

3. Information Center at patrols building: 3 labs

4. Conference Center: 2 labs

5. Shatby Hospital: 3 labs

6. El-Mowasa Hospital: 1 laboratory

7. New students’ Hospital:

Nursing Laboratories and Centers

The faculty has 11 labs and center for nursing skills education and training, equipped with modern equipment and educational equipment such as international nursing laboratories as follows:

- Two Labs for Fundamentals of nursing.

- Medical and Surgical Nursing Laboratory.

- Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Laboratory.

- Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing.

- Babies Nursing Lab.

- Newborns Lab.

- First aid Lab.

- Ousky Laboratory (Training and Examination)

- Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Center.

- Promotion of Health Centre.

these labs and centers has provided  illustration and teaching aids to assist in the educational process also provided air conditions and fans to protect the educational models and equipment from damage as well as added to the labs new equipments  which are a curtain to the windows and wooden cabinets  to protect  the models ,equipment and educational tools, where  sliding partitions have been installed to some labs  to be divided into two parts, when  it necessary, in addition to install the counter or more in every  laboratory and center equipped with computer and plasma screen.

Fundamentals of nursing Laboratories (2)

It is including beds, different models, the tools and equipment for training in basics of nursing skills such as injection, the capacity of each lab ranging from 45 to 50 students and student.

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Faculties & centers
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Faculties & centers
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Faculties & centers
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Faculties & centers
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Faculties & centers