Prof. Mohamed Ismail, Vice President of Alexandria University for Matrouh Branch, said that the Egyptian state is currently undergoing a revolution in construction and reconstruction and urged the youth of the university to participate in political life and know their rights and duties towards the homeland. This came during the first Egypt seminar organized by Matrouh Branch this morning at the Egyptian Public Library in cooperation with the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science, Alexandria University, with the participation of Ambassador/ Mohamed El-Arabi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Advisor/ Ahmed Awad, former Local Council Chairman, Major General/ Tamer El-Shahawi, Dr. Kadri Ismail, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science. During the symposium, a number of important topics and issues were discussed, such as belonging and citizenship, opinion, participating in political life, the danger of social networking, as well as responding to students' questions.

The seminar was attended by members of the House of Representatives, mayors, deans of faculties, faculty members, employees and students.