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Dr. Essam Al-Kurdi, President of Alexandria University inaugurated the 11th International Conference of "Role of Engineering towards better environment". The conference will be under title of "Bridging the gap between scientific research, government and industry", and will be organized by the Faculty of Engineering. The conference activities will continue for three days under the chairmanship of Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansoah.

The conference will discuss 83 researches on the use of traditional water sources to fill the gap in demand for water, keep surface water and groundwater quality, reduce water pollution, rationalize consumption, and reduce lakes pollutants to optimize the water usage.

The conference will also address issues like protection of beaches and marine facilities from the impact of erosion and sedimentation, environmental integration inside Nuclear energy stations, green roads to preserve heritage, urban planning of cities in accordance with the environment, using of new eco friendly materials in the construction of bridges and high buildings, desalination systems with recent environmental methods, and finding technological solutions to the challenges of energy, oil and gas to achieve the desired environmental integration.

The conference will also define a session on the issue of "Energy and Water Management"