Alexandria University, Matrouh Branch was established in the framework of the fruitful cooperation between Alexandria University and Matrouh Governorate. As and advancement to university education the branch aim was to graduate efficient generation with special skills and specific disciplines. The establishment of the Desert and Environmental Agriculture Faculty in Foka was built on 11 acres and an experimental farm on 3 acres. The faculty building was prepared with the necessary labs (chemistry, plant, lands, and genetics) and its necessary tools. All these laboratories were prepared with equipments; tools and special microscopes for the practical studies. Computer labs, a library with recent books and recent technology were established. Housing for faculty staff members, restaurants, a medical clinic and dormitory for students was established in 2006. The animal production farm for studing purposes was also established begins in 2006.

Alexandria University organized the study and educational programs which were approved by the Supreme Council of Universities to establish the Faculty of Desert and Environmental Agriculture. The study at the faculty makes good use of the desert plants and the natural resources of the governorate. The faculty is also working on the development of the livestock, poultry and Aquaculture.

Branches of the Faculties that werestarted (From 1993 to 2009)

  • Faculty of Education (1993)
  • Faculty of Desert and Environmental Agriculture (2006)

These 2 faculties have contributed to the branch since its inception and until now in many development projects in the governorate and the surrounding areas. They provide technical advice in agricultural, animal production, poultry and dairy industry. They also conduct several training courses in the same field and training in the food technology and industry, especially in the area of fig jam, pressing and manufacturing olives. The cooperation with the Matrouh governorate has been set up with five small factories, places where the cultivation of figs is produced, in addition to many small-scale agricultural projects. These facilities provide services and work opportunities for single-parent women and recent graduates.

Branches of Faculties that have been approved by the start of the study (academic year 2009/2010)

The Supreme Council of Universities has approved the establishment of 3 more faculties:

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: where is the part of twinning with the Faculty of Agriculture desert in Foka.
  • Faculty of Nursing: to provide the requirements of the health sector respect to the nursing in according to the needs of the Governorate
  • Faculty of Hotel Administration: as the tourism sector is a promising sector in the governorate.

The number of students in each faculty are between 50-75 students according to a study the number of students that enrolled in high school, material, human, educational and scientific requirements.

In addition to the system of open learning at Faculties of Education, Commerce and Arts was approved by the Supreme Council of Universities to accept the students of Matrouh Governorate without the restriction of the requirement for five years to join with the open education system.

Procedures taken by the university and governorate to set up a branch of Alexandria University in Matrouh can be viewed in the attachment.

Councils of Matroh branch