Alexandria University Center for Graduate Studies and Research in 1972 in conjunction with the UNESCO and UNDP, the United Nations aimed at strengthening the Graduate School of the country and encourage researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds to interact and fusion with each other to develop their research and ideas which reflect the scientific progress. It was felt as a result of extensive studies - the need to develop areas for interdisciplinary graduate studies - according to scientific standards accepted internationally in the field of higher studies and research.

The decision was made President of the Arab Republic of Egypt No. 239 of 1983 amending some provisions of the Regulations of Law No. 49 of 1972 on the organization of universities and resolution includes the establishment of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, to include sections of environmental studies and material science. This was followed by a decision of the Supreme Council of Universities to be a center for graduate studies and research unit with a special character in the institute, and then issued the ministerial decree No. 279 in 1987 to establish two new Institute of Graduate Studies and Research are the Science biotechnology and Information Technology Section.


1 - Environmental Studies

2 - Science and Technology of Materials

3 - Biotechnology

4 - Information Technology

Faculty Management

Dean of the Institute: Prof. Dr. Mokhtar Ibrahim Youssef

Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research: Prof.Dr. / Ahmed Shalaby

Vice-Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service: Prof.Dr. / Ahmed Moursy Attia

Departments heads

Department of Environmental Studies: Prof.Dr. Afaf Mahmoud Hafez

Department of Biotechnology: Prof.Dr. / Medhat Gomaa Abu Haroun

Department of Materials Science: Prof.Dr. / Mohamed Awad Khattab

Department of Information Technology: Prof.Dr. Shawkat Kamal Girgis


163 Al-Horeya, Shatby, Alexandria,

Arab Republic of Egypt

Tel: + (203) 4297942 - 4295007

Fax: + (203) 4285792

Postal Code: 21526

Website: www.igsr.alexu.edu.eg