Health services provided at the faculty for both employees and students

First for employees:

The faculty of nursing provides health services for employees through the following:

  1. Management unit in general clinics located in Sotter Street and at University Students' Hospital. These services are provided for employees through the health insurance system in the Alexandria University.
  2. These clinics are established for easy reach according to the residence of the employees. In case of hospitalization: The clinic will refer the employee to the health insurance hospitals. These hospitals include: Gamal Abd Elnaser, Abokeer, and Karmoz hospitals. For receiving these medical services, the employee should provide minimum fees, a personal photo to receive medical cards.
  3. Health unit in the faculty which is established in October 2010 to provide medical services for both employees and student.

Second: for students:

The university provides health services for their students through:

  1. The University Students' Hospital located in Elhoreya Street "Bab shark"
  2. Different specialty clinics, located at Sotter Street.
  3. The general administration for medical affairs which provides medical services and preventive measures for students that include medical check up and free treatment in addition to surgical operation if needed.
  • For receiving these medical services, the student should provide minimal fees, a personal photo to receive medical cards which are renewed annually.
  • Complete physical examination which is provided to newly nursing students in the beginning of each academic