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Within the activities of the COP27 Summit for Climate Change, the Alexandria University exhibition in the Green Innovation Pavilion in Sharm El-Sheikh, witnessed the influx of a number of dignitaries, led by ministers, officials, presidents of Egyptian universities, foreign delegations participating in the conference, in addition to students from Arab and foreign countries, to learn about the contributions of the University of Alexandria in climate issues and how to confront the negative effects of climate change.
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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, indicated that the university participated in the COP27 Climate Conference, through its professors and specialized centres in the field of environmental sustainability, in cooperation with several universities and scientific bodies. He highlighted the selection of the project “Producing Green Fertilizers” to participate in COP27 and “Transforming Kima Company to a green company using green hydrogen as an energy source.” Professor Konsowa pointed out that the green hydrogen production project at Alexandria University was admired by visitors to the pavilion, as it is considered one of the main pillars of industrial development, being used in many industries, including petrochemicals, fertilizers, and major industries, as well as the solutions it presents through technologies that do not cause any environmental harm during the production and operation stages, which contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions.
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He added that Alexandria University gave a presentation entitled (Alexandria University Initiatives) on various projects that aim at sustainability, and a presentation was made on the project of producing green hydrogen and green ammonia through activities where energy is stored in chemical form, which helps to reduce carbon emissions and provide a way of storing and saving energy. The conference was attended by Professor Dr. Essam Wahba, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Postgraduate Studies and Research as a representative of the University of Alexandria, and Professor Dr. Dina El-Gayar, coordinator of the participating project of the Ministry of Higher Education.
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