Prof. Dr. Hisham Gaber Vice-Ppresident of Alexandria University for Education and Student Affairs announcedthat AU will organize the 6th Olympiad of Universities for this academic year.

Dr. Gaber said that he first Olympics started in 2008 with an invitation from AU and indicated that sport teams of Egyptian universities will be hosted during this great sports event.

This came during the first forum of sports leaders in the Egyptian universities, held in Au to discuss the draft of development of  sports activities through updating regulations and rules of  university competitions  and studying the possibility of participation of Arab, regional, African and international universities in these activities. Also, experiences of other universities were showed in increasing numbers of practitioners of sport through the development of programs and sports competitions.

The forum was attended by Dr. Mohamed Sobhi Hassanein, the deputy chairman of the Egyptian sports federation of universities, Dr. Magda Salah, the second deputy of the Egyptian sports federation of universities and Dr. Arafa Salamh the Secretary of the Egyptian  sports federation of universities.
The forum was also attebnded by sixty-seven of the directors  of youth care and the directors of the university cities of all Egyptian universitie and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The forum was held in the Student Activities Complex in the university city of Alexandria University in Smouha.