Under auspices of AU President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized a symposium under title of "Fourth generation wars and fighting terrorism". The symposium was delivered by Major Talaat Abdel Moneam, the Manager of Military Education Department in the university. He spoke about the venturous of fourth generation wars and explained its main goals of destabilizing countries regimes and social cohesion and

stability. He indicated that this type of war uses information war to spread sedition and destabilizing the country. He emphasized the necessity to stand against this hazard and to preserve our territorial integrity. He also appraised the great role of our army to save our beloved country in its war against terrorism. He also presented some documentary showing the heroic stories of the Egyptian forced officers and soldiers.

The Faculty Dean Prof. Ashraf Nazem pointed out faculty keenness to aware students about the great role of Egypt army to keep stability and social peace by conducting periodic lectures and meetings. He also appraised the value of Veterinary Medicine graduates in the community service.

The symposium was attended by faculty deputies, teaching staff and students.