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The Council of the University of Alexandria in Matrouh Branch, headed by Dr. Mohamed Ismail Abdo, Vice President for Matrouh branch congratulated at its meeting held, yesterday, at the headquarters of the province and in the presence of Major General / Alaa Abu Zeid, Governor of Matrouh, Dr. Mustafa Nagar on the occasion of the renewal of his appointment as the academic coordinator of the branch of the university in Matrouh, and Dr. Ragab Murad, acting dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Soha Ameen, acting dean of Faculty of kindergarten, and Magda Habashy, to renew her appointment, general supervisor of the Faculty of Education, and Dr. Dalal Abdel Hady, acting Dean of hotel management, and Dr. Mohammed Sharaf, as acting Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Nevin Rezk, acting dean of the Faculty of Nursing, also congratulated everyone for the starting of the new academic year

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Alexandria University family headed by Prof. Dr. Essam El Kurdi condemned the terrorist attack that that killed five policemen in in the Giza district of El Badrashin today.

Asking God Almighty to keep martyrs in paradise, and to inspire their relatives with patience and solace.


Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi sent a message of congratulations to Mr. President Abdul Fattah El Sisi, the President of the Republic on the anniversary of the Glorious Revolution of July 23. The message emphasized the great role of our Egyptian great Army to achieve the aspirations of a future based on social justice and the preservation of Egypt security and stability over the long years. He also asked God to save Egypt and its people, army and policemen from any worth and bet it more to progress and prosperity.


The University of Alexandria mourned with grief the death of the Egyptian peerless Nobel-winning chemist / Ahmed Zewail who dead in the USA after a long illness, and the entire world is grieved over losing one of the hardworking pioneering scientist who left the humanity a huge heritage of scientific discoveries.

God have mercy on the deceased soul rest in peace and his usefulness as far as to humanity of beneficial knowledge, and inspired his family and his family and colleagues and disciples and loved ones in Egypt and throughout the world at large, patience and fortitude.

In our prayers, we ask that God grant him eternal rest and we called upon youth to follow in his footsteps to benefit the human race.


The Community Service and Environment Development Council during its session held under chairmanship of Dr. Essam El-Kurdi, mourned the great scientist Dr. Ahmed Zewail as one of Egypt sons and one notable graduate from the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University. Dr. Zewil was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1999 for his researches on the femtosecond chemistry. He enriched the scientific life and the whole world by his researches. The Council observed a minute of silence in memory of the late Dr. Zewil.

The Council reviewed the medical convoys organized by the sector during this period inside and outside Alexandria with participation of the faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry and the Institute of Medical Research and the Higher Institute of Public Health. The convoys shall provide medical services and examinations to raise the medical level and preparing a young and effective staff aware of their community role.