Prof.Dr.Abbas Mohamed Hassan Solieman

Faculty of Arts

Prof.Dr.Talaat Mohamed Mahmoud Dowedar

Faculty of Law

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Omer Hamad

Acting Dean - Faculty of Commerce

Prof.Dr.Alaa El Din Ramadan

Acting Dean - Faculty of Science

Prof.Dr.Ahmed Osaman

Faculty of Medicine

Prof.Dr.Evan Saad Ibrahim Saad

Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof.Dr.Abdel Aziz Hassanin Qunswa

Faculty of Engineering

Prof.Dr.Abdeullah Zeen El Din

Faculty of Agriculture

Prof.Dr.Maha Ali Hassan Ibrahim

Faculty of Education

Prof.Dr.Tarek Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud

Faculty of Dentistry

Prof.Dr.Hanan Saad Qatara

Faculty of Tourism & Hotels

Prof.Dr.Asharaf Mohamed Abdel Hamid Nazem

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof.Dr.Mohamed Ahmed Helal

Faculty of Fine Arts

Prof.Dr.Maha Adel Ahmed

Faculty of Nursing

Prof.Dr.Tarek Mohamed Ahmed Serour

Faculty of Agriculture (Saba Pasha)

Prof.Dr.Nader Mohamed Mohamed Morgan

Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

Prof.Dr.Maha Shafik Abdel Halim

Faculty of Physical Education for Girls

Prof.Dr.Faten Mustafa Kamal Loutfy

Faculty of Specific Education

Prof.Dr.Hala Ibrahim Gerwani

Faculty of Kindergarten

Prof.Dr.Manal Mohamed Ahmed

High Institute of Public Health

Prof.Dr.Mohamed Mohamed Moukhtar

Medical Research Institute

Prof.Dr.Moukhtar Ibrahim Youssef

Institute of Graduate Studies & Research

Prof.Dr.Kadry Mahmoud Ismael

Faculty of Economics & Political Science